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That’s all I can say about my lack of posting lately… work has been ridiculous and it’s really got me thinking. I’m going to be 25 this year (I know I’m still super young, yeah yeah , blah blah) and I haven’t done anything! I mean, I have an amazing husband, a great job, I got my yoga certification… but when do I get to start living?

We want to travel, I want to actually have time to take a yoga class for myself again. I want to learn to play the guitar and take acting/singing lessons. I want to be at a place where I finally feel like “We’ve arrived, this is our life”… Does that even make sense? I’ve decided to make a list of my goals for the next year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years… I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

So for now… here is a little fashion inspiro from miss MK Olsen. This is all I want to wear, everyday, forever… haha or at least until work mellows out a bit.


MK Inspiro

(Pic was stolen from Olsens Anonymous)


Much love! Thanks for sticking it out with me…


I’m Baaaack…

Haha, wow it’s been a while. Year end has been crazy at work. I finally finished, for the most part. I’m just waiting for our accountant in New Jersey to overlook everything and tell me if I need to correct any issues.

I have really missed blogging, it was pretty hard to stay away, but for the sake of my job and sanity I had to get everything done. I have, of course, still been checking Nicole’sblog everyday. She help to keep me from going crazy. 

I just got back from snowboarding in Big Bear with about 20 high school kids. It was so much fun! Pictures to come soon, the view from our bedroom was unbelievable…

The weekend before last I went to the beach with Leahand the boys. Abel had a blast and Kendal was good as long as he didn’t have to touch the sand or the water…lol Then we joined our friends at the softball field by our house to watch Kenny and the best friends play their qualifying game. After that we all met up at our house for a couple games of Settlers and some Kung Fu Panda action.

I have been so busy lately and it seems that it is to hard for me to say “no” to some people. I feel like I am going to stretch myself too thin, I could feel myself breaking down a little bit last night. I need to really think about what I am willing to give up. It is so hard though, because everything I’m doing are things that I LOVE, Bible studies, Teaching Yoga, being a leader to my Sr. girls in YoungLife. What do I let go of? It really makes me sad. I need to spend some time with God and really listen for what it is he wants me to be doing.

Kendal me and Abel at the beach

Kendal me and Abel at the beach


Rainy Day Tuesday

(NOTE: HaHa I was so screwed up by the rain I thought it was Tuesday, it was Wednesday… wow)

With “Year End” right around the corner, work has been super busy for me. But I thought a little update would be good.


*I wore the short dress to the Company Christmas party, but by the end of it I kind of wished I wore the longer one. Oh well. Pics to come soon, my shoes were rad! Thanks to everyone that voted for the dresses (it seems all my guy friends voted for the long one, weird)If you don’t know what I’m talking about go to this POST


*I got my iPhone, and it’s more awesome than I could have imagined… lol I’m a little obsessive but I’m sure I’ll calm down with time, I’ll post soon about all the amazing Aps that I love.


*I had my birthday party on Saturday the 13th and it was pretty fun, it didn’t really feel like my birthday party though, it was odd. Post to come on the Beautiful cake I made, with pictures of course, you can see some pics of the weekend at NICOLE‘s blog.


* One of my Yoga Students, Lori, made me a hat for Christmas and brought it to the studio last night before I taught class….. Awesome! Look how cute it is! Perfect day for it too, I’m cold. brrr Oh and the scarf was a gift from our Younglife area leader


*Random, my eyes are almost brown today, they’re normally greenish. It’s the rain I think…


my pretty little hat

my pretty little hat

Till next time!

Yoga Bags

I have a pet peeve about most yoga bags… balance is a really important part of yoga, not stretching one side more than the other. So I’ve never understood why almost every singe yoga bag you see is an over-the-shoulder bag. It doesn’t make sense, and it’s not comfortable, especially since a good yoga mat can feel like your carrying around a big rubber tire. So I began my search for a “Yoga Backpack”, I started looking months ago and I found the first one today. It’s awesome, but it’s Lululemon which is one of the “high end” Yoga brands. I don’t know how muc it is, but I’m really tempted seeing as how after months  and months of searching this is the first I’ve found. It’s great too because it’s made to hold a camel(water pouch thingy) a laptop and ipod a blackberry, anything you could think of, and most importantly a Yoga Mat! Yay! Here’s a picture from their site, I like this green color but they have a really pretty teal color that I love.


Too long…

I need to keep up on my posting.  I’ll give you a little update on life right now.

*Work is good, I’m learning that I’m just going to have to deal with my boss’ “quarks”. But on a good note, the main sales guy Bobby told me today that I am doing great and that my job is secure, which I really needed to hear because my boss is a spaz and freaks me out. Which means I am going to buy a car! Sweet! I’m so excited, our jeep is literally falling apart around us and we’d rather put our money down on a new car than spend it all on our jeep that we aren’t gonna get any money for when we sell.

*Yoga is going good, I’m almost finished with my 30 class internship and I will very soon be teaching C2’s, which is the next level up from C1’s(Beginner class,I’m teaching now). However my managers would like to see me taking three C2’s a week to prepare. This presents a bit of a problem seeing as how I work a full time office job, work with youth ministries, go to bible study, teach 3 classes a week, and have a husband who would love to spend a little time with me. All I can do is breath, and do it. It will be about three weeks or so of me being a bit worn out but it is worth it right? This is what I want to do eventually, teach Yoga.

 * I am going to try to add a calendar to my page, if anyone has any ideas about where I can find one, I’m all ears…


*update on Hardtail modeling post…

Looks like it was a scam. Some guy just trying to get pics of girls or something. Creepy, why are there SO MANY stupid people in the world?!?! So after talking to the guy via email and sending him a pretty basic yoga wear/pose picture, I decided to investigate a bit before getting in too deep. I figured if he was the real thing he wouldn’t mind me looking out for myself. So I got in touch with someone from Hardtail, and there is a photo shoot going on during the dates the guy gave me, but they didn’t know anyone by his name. They said they’d look into it and call me back. I never heard anything and never heard anything back from “creepo” either. Oh well. No free yogi clothes for Jadey. lol

Have a great night!


My weekend…

Friday night after relaxing for, oh about 10 minutes. Kenny and I were off to our Younglife (a kind of high school youth group we are involved in) leader meeting. Which was pretty cool actually we had pizza and ice cream and I found out that two of our leaders, Brett and Noel, are engaged! SUPER cute couple. Congrats guys! We can’t wait for the wedding.

Then off to a Karaoke bar with my best friend Nicole and a bunch of people including her boyfriend Peter and her mom. Super fun night, I did not sing, however, but the boys sure did… Next time maybe. (Nicole why did we fail to take pictures of ourselves, again? We looked so cute!) Oh then our friend (more like a sister really) met us there! YAY Mel! Then off to bed…

Saturday, I started off the day with an awesome call from my mom, we’re working on talking more. Kenny got the chance to go Sailboat racing with a friend of ours, of course I told him to go for it! And they won by the way! Woot! While he was off scouring the Pacific Ocean, I taught my noon Yoga Class. Only one woman showed up (pretty much hit or miss on saturdays), but it was awesome I just did the whole class with her, we worked up a sweat and talked for like ten minutes afterward. That’s what it’s all about. Then Denni and I had a little lunch picnic together at the retail desk, I beleive new tradition was born. Then off to The Block of Orange to do a little bargain shopping with my mom(Kristy) and step dad (Darren). Sarah Jessica Parker started a line of clothes that are super cute and super cheap. I got 3 really flirty, flanel t-shirt bras for like 10 and two matching tank tops for like $8. Rad and I wear the bras every day now. Nicole, you would love them. Then Kenny met us for an early dinner at market broiler, not a huge fan.

We rented the movie Leatherheads, and bought toaster struedel. I couldn’t resist. Yummy, wine and struedel. I fell asleep during the movie (that’s saying something). 

Sunday morning, we were late for church, as usual. I can’t stand being late for stuff. It’s like my biggest pet peeve, we’re working on it. In ‘n Out for lunch, wow I don’t eat very well for a yogi, then into the office for a bit of catch-up. Kenny was so great, he did a bunch of filing while I was organizing some piles that had been building up. Then we went to tapioca express and played hand and foot(card game), while enjoying our favorite drinks.

Last but not least we started putting together our costumes for halloween. I am SO excited about halloween this year. Even though I don’t know exactly what we are going to be doing. Kenny and I are making our costumes from a bunch of stuff we found at good will + spray paint+ a knife to cut stuff up= Swamp King & Swamp Queen. Oh don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures.

Till next post… ciao!

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