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“wedding bells”?

I assume there is some history behind “wedding bells”, but I never hear any bells ringing at any of the weddings I’ve been to. I can imagine being announced husband and wife and the church starts ringing it’s bells, how super cute and romantic… anyway! Our dear friends Eric and Diana tied the knot a couple weeks ago, it was a really nice ceremony and it was so much fun to dance all night with all our friends.

However, finding something to wear proved to be a bit of a challenge. I had an idea of what I wanted but had absolutely no luck for weeks! Finally, I went into Zara and found this beauty shoved into the sale rack. I love wrap dresses, something about them is so sexy, I dunno. Anyway I fell inlove and had to drag myself away before I bought it in all three colors… haha.

Oh, and don’t let the pictures fool you, it is purple. For some reason in every picture we took it looks just as blue as Mel’s dress. Weird 


Jade up to 7-13-09 181

Jade up to 7-13-09 182

Jade up to 7-13-09 179

Jade and Kenny

Jade up to 7-13-09 221

DRESS – Zara, SHOES – Report (my new favorites), HAT – Vintage(Nicole and I swapped for the night, mine is the brown one)


Two more things;

1.) My hubby was in the bridal party and looked so handsome!

2.) Why the heck didn’t anyone get pictures of me being twirled around by our inebriated guy friends???? Those are the pictures I want to see! haha

Such a great time, Congrats Eric and Diana!


Surf Benefit Pictures

A couple of weeks ago Kenny and I heard that one of our favorite musicians would be performing in town for a surf benefit. We decided it would be a nice treat for us, so we decided to go. Well we got to meet him, Jake Shimabukuro, and he signed our ukuleles. It was such a nice night, even though I ended up looking like crap in both the picture with Jake and with Rob Machado (pro surfer). No one could figure out how to take a pic with my camera, including my Hubby, so in both pics I’m laughing and trying to explain to press and hold the button down… geez people…

Watch Jake on YouTube, he’s seriously amazing…



Donovan Frankenrieter(spelling?), Jake and Rob Machado…



Kenny, Jake and me…



Rob Machado and me…







What I wore; Leather Jacket – gifted (amazing), Bandage Skirt – “No Rest For Bridget”, Tank- F21, Necklace – F21, Shoes – Modcloth Safari Chic Booties (click here for pic)


Till next time!


Outfit 04/02/09

YAY! I can finally start posting my outfits! I told you I would!


Anyway I am loving these leggings I got the other day…



Top/dress – gift, Belt – F21, Leggings – Target, Shoes – GoJane, Lotus Necklace – Xmas Gift


HAha, we thought it would be fun to see if I could do Dancers pose in 4.5 in heels… almost… I fell right after this.


Now that my camera is in officially read to roll, there will be many more to come.

Thanks for sticking it out!


Modcloth kills me everytime

I never spend much money on clothes or shoes. My occasional splurging constists of going to the local hole in the wall shop and spending $40 on two dresses or  $30 on  a couple pairs of shoes from GoJane. Even then though I usually spend money when I really need something. For example, I need an LBD (little black dress) and found a super cute one for $20, or I need a staple shoe like black slingbacks for nice events ( I have a wine tasting benefit this Friday, I’ll post more about it later)


Well, then I go to Modcloth and SWOOSH! all my shopping will power wants to fly out the window…


Here are the latest shoes and dress that I am about to splurge on… don’t let me do it!


These first three are especially hard because I have been looking for a brown or nude bootie for a while and all three of these are great in different ways… What do you think?

Safari Chic Booties $43

Safari Chic Booties $43

The Dressage Wedge $90

The Dressage Wedge $90

I realize that these ones are more than that what I would pay for the other two combined, but they’re wedges, WEDGES! Ugh


Style Icon Oxfords $40

Style Icon Oxfords $40

Let me know what you think

Thanks for voting!


I’m loving these boots, especially the wooden heal. I think I could even push them down enough so they’ll be slouchy… since I never got my boots from GoJane…

Helsinki Boots $45

Helsinki Boots $45


And lastly, for now ;-), this dress is sold out of course… WHY? Everytime!!! Anyway how cute would this have been with the Safari Chic Boots above? I will just have to use this dress for inspiration, I think I have a skirt that will work, not to find a cute collared halter, with buttons of course…

Australian Dress - SOLD OUT

Australian Dress - SOLD OUT


I’m sorry I still don’t have any pictures of me or my outfits.  I did get some great pics of what I wore Friday night, I can’t wait to post them.

My camera did get fixed but my computer has to reload the software to get the pics off the memory card… lame I know. Thank you My Love for doing that for me today!


Till later! Ciao



SO I just got these beauties for $10 from GoJane, I’m going to wear them tomorrow…

Brown Snake Heels

Brown Snake Heels


I also got these boots but they are ginormous so I’m exchanging them, but they are out of these “leather” ones so I have to get the suede ones instead(second pic). I know it’s not a huge difference but I really wanted some cheap cute boots that I can wear in the rain and not worry about them getting ruined.

Black "leather" Boots

Black "leather" Boots

Suede Black Boot

Suede Black Boot

I found these ones though and now I don’t know which ones to get…. a little help please. Their only like 3 dollars more than the suede ones… what do you think should I get the suede one’s or these tie on the side “leather” boots(below)?
Lastly I really like these Chunky shoes, I want some Nude/Tan heels and I love these. They remind me of the Marni heels I saw on Childhood Flames. She colored the bottoms with a black sharpie and they turned out amazing. See them HERE.
T-Strap Chunky Heels

T-Strap Chunky Heels

That’s all for my shoe obsession… for now anyway. Don’t forget to tell me which boots you think I should get!

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