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Modcloth kills me everytime

I never spend much money on clothes or shoes. My occasional splurging constists of going to the local hole in the wall shop and spending $40 on two dresses or  $30 on  a couple pairs of shoes from GoJane. Even then though I usually spend money when I really need something. For example, I need an LBD (little black dress) and found a super cute one for $20, or I need a staple shoe like black slingbacks for nice events ( I have a wine tasting benefit this Friday, I’ll post more about it later)


Well, then I go to Modcloth and SWOOSH! all my shopping will power wants to fly out the window…


Here are the latest shoes and dress that I am about to splurge on… don’t let me do it!


These first three are especially hard because I have been looking for a brown or nude bootie for a while and all three of these are great in different ways… What do you think?

Safari Chic Booties $43

Safari Chic Booties $43

The Dressage Wedge $90

The Dressage Wedge $90

I realize that these ones are more than that what I would pay for the other two combined, but they’re wedges, WEDGES! Ugh


Style Icon Oxfords $40

Style Icon Oxfords $40

Let me know what you think

Thanks for voting!


I’m loving these boots, especially the wooden heal. I think I could even push them down enough so they’ll be slouchy… since I never got my boots from GoJane…

Helsinki Boots $45

Helsinki Boots $45


And lastly, for now ;-), this dress is sold out of course… WHY? Everytime!!! Anyway how cute would this have been with the Safari Chic Boots above? I will just have to use this dress for inspiration, I think I have a skirt that will work, not to find a cute collared halter, with buttons of course…

Australian Dress - SOLD OUT

Australian Dress - SOLD OUT


I’m sorry I still don’t have any pictures of me or my outfits.  I did get some great pics of what I wore Friday night, I can’t wait to post them.

My camera did get fixed but my computer has to reload the software to get the pics off the memory card… lame I know. Thank you My Love for doing that for me today!


Till later! Ciao


Which dress?

The company Christmas party is tonight! Eek! I don’t know which dress to wear. What do you think? (please don’t mind the messy room, haha)

Please leave a comment too, if you have anything to say about why you picked the dress you picked! Thank you!

Dress #1

Dress #1


Dress #2
Dress #2

P.S. The thumbs up does not mean I like that dress better, haha


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