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“wedding bells”?

I assume there is some history behind “wedding bells”, but I never hear any bells ringing at any of the weddings I’ve been to. I can imagine being announced husband and wife and the church starts ringing it’s bells, how super cute and romantic… anyway! Our dear friends Eric and Diana tied the knot a couple weeks ago, it was a really nice ceremony and it was so much fun to dance all night with all our friends.

However, finding something to wear proved to be a bit of a challenge. I had an idea of what I wanted but had absolutely no luck for weeks! Finally, I went into Zara and found this beauty shoved into the sale rack. I love wrap dresses, something about them is so sexy, I dunno. Anyway I fell inlove and had to drag myself away before I bought it in all three colors… haha.

Oh, and don’t let the pictures fool you, it is purple. For some reason in every picture we took it looks just as blue as Mel’s dress. Weird 


Jade up to 7-13-09 181

Jade up to 7-13-09 182

Jade up to 7-13-09 179

Jade and Kenny

Jade up to 7-13-09 221

DRESS – Zara, SHOES – Report (my new favorites), HAT – Vintage(Nicole and I swapped for the night, mine is the brown one)


Two more things;

1.) My hubby was in the bridal party and looked so handsome!

2.) Why the heck didn’t anyone get pictures of me being twirled around by our inebriated guy friends???? Those are the pictures I want to see! haha

Such a great time, Congrats Eric and Diana!


Outfit 07/09/09

YAY I’m posting! Oh blog, how I’ve missed you! I’m so glad to be back! Now, I’m gonna take this slow and start with just updating like twice a week, cuz I so easily let myself get overwhelmed with eveything I do all week… OK, enough chit chat, on with the outfit pics!

This is what I wore to our dear friends’ rehearsal dinner at The Elephant Bar in Irvine…

Jade up to 7-13-09 204

Jade up to 7-13-09 176

Jade up to 7-13-09 197

Jade up to 7-13-09 227

TOP – Forever 21, SKIRT – H&M, SHOES – Borrowed from Nicole, RING – Forever 21, POLISH – Sephora’s “Maniac” “I’m Wired”.

I love the rope detail on this top, it’s a racer back and so cute, I couldn’t get a good pic of the back though and ran out of patience, so you’ll have to take my word for it 😉

The waist detail on this skirt is so great, and I pretty much love everything with pockets. Nicole and I always gasp and squeel “pockets!” whenever we shop together. We’re awesome, what can I say?

I had this exact color polish in mind when I entered Sephora, pink with an orange hue, and they totally delivered… Next day I found this ring in almost the exact same color, so great.

More to come, very soon.



Pic Update

As usual my life has been crazy busy and I won’t get into all the details of work, yoga, bible study, friends wedding…. just know I miss blogging and I am going to make it a point in these busy times to at least give you guys a few pics or something! So here are a few to hold you over till next time.

First was Diana’s Bachelorette party, we went wine tasting in temecula, and I loe this picture because it shows how different everyone style is, love it! Missed Nicole that day but she was up in Nor Cal for a wedding… boo.

Diana's Bachelorette

I’m the one in the bright pink, incase yopu forgot what I looked like in my absence…lol

I wore a shirt from who knows where, (which I love and you will see more of soon), Bandage skirt from “No Rest for Bridget” ( little boutique at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach), a vintage gold belt, and my “knock-off Marnis” (at least that’s what I like to call them) from GoJane.


Next is a pic from our friend Denise’s 1980’s Bday bash… I however did not dress up (which is totally unlike me, if you know me at all) because my hubby and I fell asleep at 730pm and woke up to a bunch of missed calls and texts… so we pulled ourselves out of bed to join in the fun for a bit.

Nance 80s Party

Striped tank from FV21 knock-off outlet, highwaisted shorts from H&M (you’ll see more of these soon as well, I’m in love), Oversized jean jacket borrowed from Nicole’s BF, and purse from H&M.


More to come soon, I have a rehearsal dinner tonight and a wedding on Saturday, so I’m sure pics will be coming. Plus both my outfits are super cute so I will force someone to ake pictures if I must.. haha

Till later!


DIY Shredded Tee

shredded tee

I finally took a pic of the back of my “diy tee” from my last post. I love it so much! It was so much fun to make and it only took me a couple hours. I went to “5 for $10” by my house and bought a bunch of kids Large tees to use. I like the way they fit once their done being pulled apart. I’m gonna try to make a cropped version next. I’m thinking bright pink might by fun…



Once again my week has been a bit crazy… I can think of like ten things I should be doing right now… Oh well!

The rundown of Memorial weekend:

We celebrated my step-moms birthday Saturday night, HUGE party with a band, dancing, taco bar, bartender and just having a grand ol’ time. The next day was the “relaxing by the pool BBQ” with volleyball and plenty of  beer and sunbathing. I took the most amazing nap from like 4:30 to 6, just lying in the sun.

Monday was Nicole’s birthday, I got her THIS.

Forever 21 has THE GREATEST “american apparel esque” tees right now… I bought four! I also bought a floral skirt and a ring but guess what! I dropped my bag at dairy queen!!!!!! It is gone forever! I was and still am SO bummed! I decided I’m going back cuz I need those tees, and at $5 each I’m going to get one in every color!

That night we saw Star Trek, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, at one point my hubby was actually on the edge of his seat leaning forward with his chin on his hands… adorable. He’s a trekky and he didn’t even know it. Anyway, I really recommend it…

One more thing, I finally DIYed a shredded shirt, and finished it. It only took me two hours! I’m wearing it in the pics below except I can’t find the pic of the back. I will update with it later.


It was a great weekend, can’t wait to get off work and start the next one!


The Girls' Table

The Girls' Table

Me and Car

Wearing: Shirt – DIY Shredded T , Skirt – American Apparel,  Belt – Vintage, Shoes – GoJane Wedges

The red dress my lil sis is wearing is Bebe, in case you were wondering…




Prom and 1/2 of mother’s day

A little late but here are some pics from Mother’s Day weekend. Chelsie, one of my sisters, went to prom so Saturday evening consisted of getting her all ready to go. Then on Sunday I stayed on at my dad’s house for the first half of Mother’s day.

I say the “first half” because I have my mom(Kristy) and my step mom (Berta). The “first half” was with Berta and that evening I made dinner for my mom(Kristy) and step dad (I got no pictures of the “second half” because I suck like that…)


P.S. This is gonna be a super long post…(eesh took me all day, taking breaks from work)


So here’s Chelsie, “Chels” for short…

Chels and Sean

Chels and Sean

Me and Chels… we’re pretty much awesome, didn’t you know?

Me and Chels

Me and Chels

Candid of me eating a fruit cup, I <3 fruit cups

Candid of me eating a fruit cup, I ❤ fruit cups

Wearing: Skirt – aa bandeau dress, Belt – F21(my fav), Necklace – F21, Sunnies – Flea Market


SUNDAY – Mother’s Day “First Half”

Grandma and Bert

Grandma and Bert



Wearing: Dress – Gifted by Chels, Belt – F21 (I told you it was my fav), Sunnies – Flea Market (I wish you could see my shoes, they kept sinking into the grass so they came off quick)


Oh, this is just to show you their ridiculously beautiful backyard… er… only about half of their ridiculously beautiful backyard… 

1/2 of the yard

1/2 of the yard

My sister Carlie (Car for short), looking adorable in her aa bandeau dress I got them each one for their Bday…

Carlie aa dress


OK I’m done… wait… one more. Car always takes the best pictures of me…. my favorite thing to do lately, when I get a little free time of course… Don’t worry I have “45” on. I love the feeling of the warm sun when I have absolutely nothing to do… I can’t wait to do it again on Sunday! Woot!




Polaroids that is… I’m in love with the new iPhone app, ShakeIt. If you have an iPhone, get it for sure! Oh, did I mention it’s free? Woot!


Anyway, it’s about time for an outfit post, I’m so glad it’s finally getting warmer, I can smell summer on the breeze… I wore these shorts with black leggings once it got cold in the evening…



What I’m Wearing; Cami – 2nd Hand, (under) Lace Cami and Bra Sarah Jessica Parker, Jean Shorts – F21, Belt – F21, Boots – Arizona Jean Company

On Sunday we spent the day at the beach with my nephews and sister-in-law. I bought them some buckets and shovels, you know the normal kid beach day stuff and this is what happened after about an hour of shoveling sand into their buckets…



Ah, babies make the world a happy place…

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