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The King of Pop

I was so sad last night, all of us in the office found out right away about Michael, but it didn’t really hit me till I was in the car driving home. Every radio station was playing their tribute to MJ, and I realized that he will forever be remembered as a man that shaped what our music industry is today, he was and is such an inspiration.

Michael was so troubled, his whole life. No one can ever truely know what he’s done or been through, I can’t stand the horrible jokes that have gone on for so long. I can’t stand that his image will forever be tarnished by things that may or may not be true. As for me, I hope that he had some peace, and happiness in his life. 


I choose to remember Michael like this…

michael kid



Michael Dancing


michael leaning


Surf Benefit Pictures

A couple of weeks ago Kenny and I heard that one of our favorite musicians would be performing in town for a surf benefit. We decided it would be a nice treat for us, so we decided to go. Well we got to meet him, Jake Shimabukuro, and he signed our ukuleles. It was such a nice night, even though I ended up looking like crap in both the picture with Jake and with Rob Machado (pro surfer). No one could figure out how to take a pic with my camera, including my Hubby, so in both pics I’m laughing and trying to explain to press and hold the button down… geez people…

Watch Jake on YouTube, he’s seriously amazing…



Donovan Frankenrieter(spelling?), Jake and Rob Machado…



Kenny, Jake and me…



Rob Machado and me…







What I wore; Leather Jacket – gifted (amazing), Bandage Skirt – “No Rest For Bridget”, Tank- F21, Necklace – F21, Shoes – Modcloth Safari Chic Booties (click here for pic)


Till next time!


Are you kidding? No.

Wow! Ok so for those of you who are living under a rock, Robert Pattinson is the actor who played Edward Cullen in Twilight. He was also Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter until Cedric died of course (for the record I didn’t even realize who he was until Nicole brought it up after the movie was over, what kind of Harry Potter fan am I?). ANYWAY, so I was “youtubing” at work and found a recording of one of the songs from the soundtrack and guess who is singing it? Robert Pattison!!!! aka Bobby Dupea (his aka for when he performs music) He is SOOO good, and i’m not some crazy fan who will love everything he does just cuz it’s him. To be honest he kind of sucked in the first half of Twilight. He is a serioualy talented blue grass folksy singer. He plays the guitar and the piano.

*Nicole this post is for you of course, cuz I just know how excited you’re gonna be when you hear him. And if you already know… then WHY DIDIN’T YOU TELL ME!?!? haha Needless to say, I think I have a new little crush…

This one is great too…


Oh Devendra…

The Crazy Devendra BanhartDevendra Banhart is a singer/songwriter/artist. He’s cute sometimes, but SUPER talented. At least I think so. His music has been described as “psych folk, Naturalismo, New Weird America, and freak folk”, nice huh? my favorite video is Camensita ( (NOTE: Yes that is Natalie Portman in the video, they are together) The video that I think describes his style best is this one, it’s weird at first but give it a second(

Ok so now that you have seen that, and probably realize by the music I like that I am a little bit of a hippy, at heart I think I’m a lot a bit. I was “You tubing” one day and came across this interview( Ok so he is either crazy, on drugs(or both)  or a genius beyond any comprehension… and also pretty dang cute if you ask me, even if he does kind of look like my friends brother, sorry Mona(I think it’s really only the beard though). Anyway, I don’t really know what I think of him, so for now I will just enjoy some of his music and try to contemplate whatever the heck he is talking about…. Have a great day word pressers…

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