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Good Morning…*yawn

How is everyone this morning? I’m doing pretty good actually. It has been really hard to get out of bed in the morning lately, but I’m workiing on it….

I was CRAZY busy this weekend. I got the opportunity to join the nutrition program offered at the yoga studio I teach at. It was amazing! I am starting a “cleanse” today, it will go on for about 2 weeks.

I won’t get too much into the details but I will say this… I was pretty nervous yesterday, just about the whole thing, what I’m supposed to eat, what I’m not. But, I’m good this morning, I have a great coach, who I already bugged twice yesterday while I was shopping and prepping my food for today. I also convinced “The Hubby” to do the cleanse and whole program with me. Yay.

It was pretty much hilarious when he realized what the portions were… haha….ah Kenny you crack me up.

I’ll keep you up to speed on what I’m eating each day and how I’m doing with food cravings and such. I’m really excited to give my body a fresh start and, after the cleanse, beginning to eat what’s right for me.


On another note, Kenny gave me a little challenge. He wants me to find some styles I like for him to wear. He’s usually super casual, he’ s very active, rides a bike everywear. So mostly we don’t know what he should wear when we go out… I did find this pic that I love. I can’t remember the designer now(any ideas?) but I love the fit of the pants and how the soft shirts just seem to lay there, the way they fit is totally appealing and Kenny absolutely has the body to make them work… not a huge fan of the giant scarf on a guy but I could “warm”  up to them… 😉



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