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If I have a little boy, I’m gonna dress him just like this! Or a girl for that matter…

From Garance Dore or Satorialist, I can't remember...

From Garance Dore or Satorialist, I can't remember...

This picture has inspired me so much, not the smoking really, but this was when I really embraced high waisted skirts… Love it.  I must find a floral skirt! Flea Market here I come!
smokin flower skirt


Two future DIY projects…. very near future…

netted sweatshirt dress


Cutout studded sweater


Style Inspiration

Life has been a little crazy the past two weeks, more on that later. For now I want to show you some of my current inspriation and a few wish list items…

This first pic is from The Stylish Wanderer, her outfit is so beautiful and sends out a very romantic vibe… I love it and I’m on the prowl for a similar skirt… Also this made me realize that I do not own one plain black, gray, or white shirt, this may be why I have had such fashion trouble before, I don’t have any real staple items.


I have a love/hate thing going on with MK and Ashley Olsen, style wise anyway. What I do love about them though is the sense of freedom they seem to find in the way they dress. I see a lot of that in the way I dress as well.Anyway, how amazing is this fringe vest? I must try to find something like it on my next flea market run…


I think I have found my favorite designer, for this season at least. This is cool, I’ve never had a favorite designer before… This dress is by Tina Kalivas is great, I really don’t know what else to say besides check out her site and her different collections. This dress and a few others that I love are from the first collection on her site.



Fashion Inspiration

I saw this picture on Garance Dore. I love, LOVE the hat, and it’s even more amazing paired with her beautiful red hair. The Pink skirt though, UGH sooo pretty. This skirt is now added to my list of “things to find at the flea market” this and fur, faux or real, hats and/or coats.



(How great is that last shot by the way, just had to point that out. AHHH I want my camera fixed!!)

Update for THIS post: I found a very similar skirt to the Anthropologie one I loved. I got it at American Vintage in downtown Huntington Beach. $16 and I think I like it even better than the anthro one cuz it has rad buttons running up the side of the waist and it has pockets, I LOVE pockets on skirts and dresses. Outfit post to come tomorrow…

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