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Flower Cake

I finally got pics of the red velvet cake I made for a meeting at the yoga studio…

It was so much fun to make, and it turned out great! It was super moist and the frosting was delicious too. I got a lot of recipes requests from it. I guess red velvet has a tendency to turn out too dry, but I wouldn’t know cuz this was the first time I’d made it.

I’ve also made this cake in the shape of a guitar, I hope to get pics of that one soon, but as you can see when my camera is “out of commision”  it takes forever to get pics from other people…




Recipe : Smitten Kitchen

*NOTE: if you make this recipe, do yourself a favor and when you make the frosting (which is my favorite frosting so far) up the recipe to make 1.5 to 2 servings.




“I’m in a hrace”

(Rat Race, anyone?)

Anyway… I woke up two hours late today, which means I got to work about two hours late as well. I feel like I’ve been racing around through the last few weeks. Times are crazy for me lately and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.


I will try to post about everything that’s been going on and coming up soon.

For example, I made a 2 layer cake in the shape of a guitar for a friends birthday … it took me nine hours… such a fiasco… details and pictures to come.


I just found this picture from december, The Hubby had it stached in his camera since december…. I love it, and it reminds me of how much I love to do cakes, even when the occasional disaster happens… I am my own worst critic…




Oh and this is one of my favorites of Kenny, he’s so cute when he’s happy. I love it.



Later Bloggers…


Happy Monday!

I’m feeling a little crappy today I lost my voice Friday night, and now I have a cough, I hope I wont be sick for Xmas.


I have a bit of last minute shopping to do, as usual. Next year I’ve decided to by things throughout the year, I’ll try to update each time.


Nicole bought my Xmas present while out “thrifting” which I love for two reasons.. 1) It shows that she knows me and is a super thoughtful person. 2) I feel good knowing that my friends know they don’t have to spend a ton of money on me. I can’t wait to see what she found…


I’m a little late posting a pic of my birthday cake, but here it is. It’s an “inside out Ding Dong” cake. SUPER good. This is my favorite recipe as far as the choc cake part. The frosting was pretty good, marshmallow cream, but I’m still looking for my favorite frosting recipe..



I wanted it to look girly and cute, I think I accomplished that. Thank you to my family for getting me all my decorating and baking tools for my B-day! Oh it was my friend Diana’s bday too, in case you didn’t figure that out by reading the cake, haha….

Me and Diana having a bit of fun…

Singing to each other

Singing to each other



Till next time!


Rainy Day Tuesday

(NOTE: HaHa I was so screwed up by the rain I thought it was Tuesday, it was Wednesday… wow)

With “Year End” right around the corner, work has been super busy for me. But I thought a little update would be good.


*I wore the short dress to the Company Christmas party, but by the end of it I kind of wished I wore the longer one. Oh well. Pics to come soon, my shoes were rad! Thanks to everyone that voted for the dresses (it seems all my guy friends voted for the long one, weird)If you don’t know what I’m talking about go to this POST


*I got my iPhone, and it’s more awesome than I could have imagined… lol I’m a little obsessive but I’m sure I’ll calm down with time, I’ll post soon about all the amazing Aps that I love.


*I had my birthday party on Saturday the 13th and it was pretty fun, it didn’t really feel like my birthday party though, it was odd. Post to come on the Beautiful cake I made, with pictures of course, you can see some pics of the weekend at NICOLE‘s blog.


* One of my Yoga Students, Lori, made me a hat for Christmas and brought it to the studio last night before I taught class….. Awesome! Look how cute it is! Perfect day for it too, I’m cold. brrr Oh and the scarf was a gift from our Younglife area leader


*Random, my eyes are almost brown today, they’re normally greenish. It’s the rain I think…


my pretty little hat

my pretty little hat

Till next time!

Wish list…kinda.

My 24th birthday is on the 10th and I can’t wait to get friends together again and have a grand ol’ time. I’m going to bake another cake and I call it the “Inside Out Ding Dong Cake”, for the most obvious reason. It’s basically an inside out Hostess Ding Dong. I’m gonna decorate it all cute too. Which got me thinking about some great xmas present ideas since my family has been asking me what I want. Here are some things I would love since I’ll be baking a lot more and friends have already been asking that I make them cakes as well.

A piping set, bags and piping tips:  a good set of tips starts at around 26 pieces and couplers (the plastic things that keep the tips in the bags) and about five bags, reusable.  (*UPDATE: Found a 26 piece set of tips at WalMart)

A spinning cake stand like the one below: (*UPDATE: I found at WalMart for like $18)


And a cake carrier about 10″ tall, like this:

Cake Carrier

Cake Carrier

This has gotten me thinking about other things I need, like a good blow dryer but only one that has a difuser attachment. 
A purse, one that is big enough to hold a book or two and all the little things a girl needs to have on hand, something with a center divider and lots of pockets on the inside walls. (* UPDATE:  Like this cute one I found at target online $18, I couldn’t get the pic to save so go to third row down “Merona Purple Tote”)
OOOhhh I just had such a cute idea, Nicole this is for you…. not for you to make for me necessarily, but just an idea in general :). What if you made a scarf that had a cute little pocket or two near one end that had a little folding bit over it with a button to close it, like the purse you made me. That way a girl could ditch the purse and carry her phone and money or lipgloss or whatever in her scarf…. what do you think? (did you notice that I figured out the link thing too? Finally!)

Kenny’s Party Pics

Thanks to Nicole and Patty (update: Sorry Mel, thanks for the pics!)! I have some amazing pictures from Kenny’s Bday. It was such an awesome night and everyone had so much fun! I can’t wait till my birthday in December! Enjoy the pics and if you want to see all of them, look at my myspace. 


Kenny’s b-day party

Kenny’s party was a great success. We had 12 of our really close friends together and had a great time. The cake turned out awesome! Even better than I had hoped and it looked great too! We had wine, hookah, flip cup tourneys and the boys even played some beer pong. We are not big partiers, but it sure was fun to host people again and have some good laughs. The girls made a wine run and ended up on the little mechanical horse outside of Stater Bro’s, taking pictures of course…haha good times. We ended the party with a round of Scene It (my favorite game). Kenny got a head light, which he has wanted for a while, a couple cigars, a bottle of Cavasia(is that spelled right?), and a gift card to REI. He was so excited to have his friends together and the presents helped a bit too. haha. Even our neighbor Mo came up to share a beer with him. The party ended with Kenny and I, and Nicole and Peter heading to Norm’s for a late night snack at like 1:35. At 1:40 Nicole gets a frantic call from our friend Patty, Peter’s sister, who was also at the party with her boyfriend Brandon and friend Cody. They had witnessed a horrible car accident on Edinger and Goldenwest. Here is the link for the news article ( I’ll let you read that for the details since I’m posting at work. Basically we arrived before the firetrucks did and the car was competely engulfed. Brandon and Cody tried to run over to help the man trapped inside but couldn’t even get within 20 feet of the car. Patty was very upset and all we could do was watch. There wasn’t even any attempt made to get him out of the car because of the flames. All I can say was it was like a scene from a movie, you never think you’ll see anything like it in your life, and I hope if nothing else it will keep people from driving drunk. Of course now Kenny wants to be a fireman even more than he did before. 

Thanks for reading! I’ll have party pics uploaded as soon as I get them from Patty and Nicole.

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