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If I have a little boy, I’m gonna dress him just like this! Or a girl for that matter…

From Garance Dore or Satorialist, I can't remember...

From Garance Dore or Satorialist, I can't remember...

This picture has inspired me so much, not the smoking really, but this was when I really embraced high waisted skirts… Love it.  I must find a floral skirt! Flea Market here I come!
smokin flower skirt


Two future DIY projects…. very near future…

netted sweatshirt dress


Cutout studded sweater



Polaroids that is… I’m in love with the new iPhone app, ShakeIt. If you have an iPhone, get it for sure! Oh, did I mention it’s free? Woot!


Anyway, it’s about time for an outfit post, I’m so glad it’s finally getting warmer, I can smell summer on the breeze… I wore these shorts with black leggings once it got cold in the evening…



What I’m Wearing; Cami – 2nd Hand, (under) Lace Cami and Bra Sarah Jessica Parker, Jean Shorts – F21, Belt – F21, Boots – Arizona Jean Company

On Sunday we spent the day at the beach with my nephews and sister-in-law. I bought them some buckets and shovels, you know the normal kid beach day stuff and this is what happened after about an hour of shoveling sand into their buckets…



Ah, babies make the world a happy place…


EEK, this wEEK!

I have been so busy this week. However it’s been good. I’ve been able to focus a bit more at work, hence the gap between posts. Work is good, busy. My step brother and his GF Shelli(?) whom I’ve seen once in the past few years just had their first baby, Daren. He is named after my Step Dad. I LOVE babies, I am a woman after all. I wish that this part of my family was closer, with time perhaps.

Kenny and Iwere talking about what we would do if we were prego right now. I was panicking of course because we both want me to be a stay at home mom and right now I’m making all the $. Then we realized that we could get into student family housing through the state because Kenny was a foster kid and gets his full time school paid for (including living arrangements at a four year school), WHOOP! No more stress, rent would be paid and Kenny could work  part time to make the “bill money”. I could keep teaching yoga, which is what I want to do anyway and keep doing airbrush tanning at the house. I love how understanding Kenny is, he’s so willing to sit and listen to all my crazy planning and stressing. Of course I would rather not have babies for a couple more years but we’ll see what happens. Babies, Babies, Babies…


P.S. Is it possible to love your nephews too much? I just might….

Abel and Kendal being boys

Abel and Kendal being boys

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