A Brit & an Earthquake

I had such a great weekend!

Kenny (The Hubby) started life guarding this weekend, I’m almost as excited as he is. I love L.G. season, the camaraderie and the weekend trips to Catalina Island… such fun is in store.

While at the beach on Saturday with some family and friends I overheard a man asking if there was anywhere he could pitch a tent for the night. I interupted and said he should ask my husband at the L.G. tower. Well long story short, after talking wih him for a while we asked him if he would like to stay at our house for the night.

I know this may sound crazy, but well, that’s just us I guess. He had a bicycle all set up with saddle bags, and after some hours of sitting on the beach we discovered that his plan was to cycle from Los Angeles to Argentina over the next 7 months. He had just flown in from England the night before. His name is Graham Rush and you can follow him on his journey HERE. He’s also trying to raise money for unicef and you can see all the info on his Travel Blog.

He’ll be blogging about his experiences as often as he can get to a place with internet. He is an amazing guy and I’m so glad that Kenny and I had a chance to get to know him.

He ended up staying with us the whole weekend, and we had a blast just talking, shopping for a new camera, playing beach volleyball with my friends and then BBQing at our house last night.


HAHA I was so excited to write about Graham I almost for got to talk about the second part of my title(above). We had a CRAZY earthquake last night. It was so funny because Graham had never experienced one, at least not one like this. We thought it was quite fitting that it happened while he was still in CA. We even all took a picture(which I’ll have posted shortly) standing in one of the doorframes of my apartment.


Good luck on your amazing journey Graham, you’ll be in our thoughts and Prayers!

Don’t forget to check out his site HERE!

(pic taken with the “shakeit” app on my iPhone)

Graham Rush


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