Fashion Planet…

Tavi over at STYLE ROOKIE posted this great assignment she’s working on for school. It was so much fun that I decided to post my answers that I sent her, here on my blog.


Her assignment for us was to match a list of designer lines(which she supplied pictures of) to the planets in the system. I’ll put together my list with pics of the line and planet that go with it. So much fun!! Thanks again Tavi! Anything to give me a break from work… 😉


Mercury Alessandro Dell Hottest planet, I would want to wear something from this line, light and airy feel. Plus this color blue always reminds me of hot days and staying cool.
Venus – Erdem – Venus was named for the Goddess of love and the only planet to have a female name. I think this line suits it perfectly, very romantic and feminine, plus the light colors, again, make me think cooling thoughts for such a hot planet.
Earth – Hussein ChalayanThe colors and patterns of this line are very earthy to me, the liquid-like movement of the fabric. Reminds me of earth wind and water.
Mars Prada – Mars was named for the God of war, I think this line was one of the easiest for me to place. I feel like this line is very aggressive, even the expressions of the models and added red hues. Perfect for Mars.
Jupiter Alexander McQueenJupiter was named for the king of the Gods, it is the largest planet in the system. It is also gaseous and is known for it’s big red spot. I really played up the red with this one, also the words “Go Big or Go Home” come to mind and I feel like this line definitely captures that feeling. Even the way these pieces lay make me think of helium.
SaturnChristopher KaneObvious choice I thought. The structure and lines immediately made me think of Saturn. 
Uranus Comme Des Garcons – Another “gassy planet”, it’s also considered to be “sideways” and very cold. This line fits here because of the dark leather, makes me think cold and rigid, but the wigs play on the gas. The cut of these pieces even makes me think “sidways”.
Neptune – Rodarte – Another cold one, but this time I think of the fact that this is the farthest planet out. At least with this line I find the leather leggings and scarves would definately keep me warm, and also the colors are relaxing, peaceful. I love the fit and futuristic look, I think it has a very futuristic appeal.
Would you have done any differently? Why? Love to hear what you think… Happy Thursday!

2 Responses to “Fashion Planet…”

  1. May 7, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    man, what a fun project! love this blog! you and your sisters look so fun!

  2. 2 itsmelimel
    May 11, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    That looks fun! A break from work huh…well…you’ll have more breaks now that I’m there to help you <3<3

    and yes, I need a break to heal from old wounds. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Stupid boys

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