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pretty things

Love this outfit.. especially the jacket, oh and those shoes!


Picture : Olsens Anonymous



Woah Betsey!

My mom let me borrow her black Betsey Johnson dress, and it’s amazing,

so I though I’d check out her online store. I found a couple of gems.


Like this tulle Robe…



and this skirt…



and this jacket… you must click HERE to see the back!



Good Morning…*yawn

How is everyone this morning? I’m doing pretty good actually. It has been really hard to get out of bed in the morning lately, but I’m workiing on it….

I was CRAZY busy this weekend. I got the opportunity to join the nutrition program offered at the yoga studio I teach at. It was amazing! I am starting a “cleanse” today, it will go on for about 2 weeks.

I won’t get too much into the details but I will say this… I was pretty nervous yesterday, just about the whole thing, what I’m supposed to eat, what I’m not. But, I’m good this morning, I have a great coach, who I already bugged twice yesterday while I was shopping and prepping my food for today. I also convinced “The Hubby” to do the cleanse and whole program with me. Yay.

It was pretty much hilarious when he realized what the portions were… haha….ah Kenny you crack me up.

I’ll keep you up to speed on what I’m eating each day and how I’m doing with food cravings and such. I’m really excited to give my body a fresh start and, after the cleanse, beginning to eat what’s right for me.


On another note, Kenny gave me a little challenge. He wants me to find some styles I like for him to wear. He’s usually super casual, he’ s very active, rides a bike everywear. So mostly we don’t know what he should wear when we go out… I did find this pic that I love. I can’t remember the designer now(any ideas?) but I love the fit of the pants and how the soft shirts just seem to lay there, the way they fit is totally appealing and Kenny absolutely has the body to make them work… not a huge fan of the giant scarf on a guy but I could “warm”  up to them… 😉



“I’m in a hrace”

(Rat Race, anyone?)

Anyway… I woke up two hours late today, which means I got to work about two hours late as well. I feel like I’ve been racing around through the last few weeks. Times are crazy for me lately and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.


I will try to post about everything that’s been going on and coming up soon.

For example, I made a 2 layer cake in the shape of a guitar for a friends birthday … it took me nine hours… such a fiasco… details and pictures to come.


I just found this picture from december, The Hubby had it stached in his camera since december…. I love it, and it reminds me of how much I love to do cakes, even when the occasional disaster happens… I am my own worst critic…




Oh and this is one of my favorites of Kenny, he’s so cute when he’s happy. I love it.



Later Bloggers…


Modcloth kills me everytime

I never spend much money on clothes or shoes. My occasional splurging constists of going to the local hole in the wall shop and spending $40 on two dresses or  $30 on  a couple pairs of shoes from GoJane. Even then though I usually spend money when I really need something. For example, I need an LBD (little black dress) and found a super cute one for $20, or I need a staple shoe like black slingbacks for nice events ( I have a wine tasting benefit this Friday, I’ll post more about it later)


Well, then I go to Modcloth and SWOOSH! all my shopping will power wants to fly out the window…


Here are the latest shoes and dress that I am about to splurge on… don’t let me do it!


These first three are especially hard because I have been looking for a brown or nude bootie for a while and all three of these are great in different ways… What do you think?

Safari Chic Booties $43

Safari Chic Booties $43

The Dressage Wedge $90

The Dressage Wedge $90

I realize that these ones are more than that what I would pay for the other two combined, but they’re wedges, WEDGES! Ugh


Style Icon Oxfords $40

Style Icon Oxfords $40

Let me know what you think

Thanks for voting!


I’m loving these boots, especially the wooden heal. I think I could even push them down enough so they’ll be slouchy… since I never got my boots from GoJane…

Helsinki Boots $45

Helsinki Boots $45


And lastly, for now ;-), this dress is sold out of course… WHY? Everytime!!! Anyway how cute would this have been with the Safari Chic Boots above? I will just have to use this dress for inspiration, I think I have a skirt that will work, not to find a cute collared halter, with buttons of course…

Australian Dress - SOLD OUT

Australian Dress - SOLD OUT


I’m sorry I still don’t have any pictures of me or my outfits.  I did get some great pics of what I wore Friday night, I can’t wait to post them.

My camera did get fixed but my computer has to reload the software to get the pics off the memory card… lame I know. Thank you My Love for doing that for me today!


Till later! Ciao


I love suprises…

I’m really excited about two things right now.

 1. I got my camera back from being repaired! It only took three days! I thought it would take at least a week! Keep a look out for my outfit posts to come soon~

 2. My best friend Nicole  is making me a suprise! She is SUPER crafty and all I know is that it requires my waist and hip measurements…. hmm Of course I can guess at a few things it might be, but I can’t imagine what it will look like… I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!


I’ll make sure to post about my suprise when I get it. Oh and I also started my first DIY project, pictures of my progress to come tomorrow.


Leaving you with a couple of collages of my favorite designer (Tina Kalivas), at least my favorite desiner of things I would actually wear…



How great is the grey Jacket below? And the vest with the cutouts in the front? And the fishnet looking top on the right? SO Great!!



What’s going on?

A lot actually… The past couple weeks have been SO busy for me, as you can probably tell by the lack of posting.

Here’s what’s been going on…

1. I had a Younglife leader retreat last weekend, Younglife is the Teen Organization my husband and I volunteer for. It’s so great to be around so many encouraging and fun people…


2. I finally sent my camera in to be fixed so this time next week I will start posting my outfit pics, I’m really excited cuz I think I put together some really great stuff.


3. I got a free one hour full body massage yesterday. My manager at the yoga studio will be giving one away at each of our monthly meetings and I was lucky enough to get it this time around. It was AMAZING by the way…


4. Work is crazy right now, we just hired a new sales guy which means a ton more work for me.


This mixed with all the normal work, yoga and younglife stuff has made my life a little jam packed.

Be on the lookout for my next wish list blog, I’m trying to make up for lost time by posting thrice in one day…

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