My alter ego is super fashionable…

I love dresses and skirts, but most of my life I have sucked, seriously SUCKED at putting things together. I think I was always afraid of what people would think of what I was wearing, so I was basically a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Except of course on occasion when I would let my true girlie side come out and wear a dress and makeup.

Then came my hippy/bohemian phase… which I still love actually and I look forward to intigrating it into my new found sense of fashion freedom. I think this look suits me quite well actually, I have a very hippyish look, if you will. Here’s a pic of me in my favorite bohemian skirt, it’s floor length and flowy and amazing…

Kind of old and blurry

Kind of old and blurry


Most recently I have gotten lazy more that anything. Back to jeans and tshirts, maybe a dress and tights if the weather permits, mind you I work full time in an office with all men who come to work in shorts and flip flops…

Now my Fashion imagination and curiousity has been running wild!!! WILD I tell you! A quick thank you to Nicole for making me feel like I can do it! I can be fashionable my way! … Anyway, I have been following a lot of fashion blogs and letting  my imagination go crazy. I even bought my first high waisted skirt!!!! It’s beautiful! I will post about it as soon as I wear the outfit this weekend…

I have decided that I will post more about my fashion inspiration and keep all you bloggers out there posted on the new things I try. Keep an eye out, and I want advice and feedback on it all!

 So to start off… here is some of my inspiration, this beautiful girl is 16 I believe and has a beautiful way of putting things together, not to mention what seems like and endless supply of designer shoes and amazing clothes… visit her blog here at Sea of Shoes

I love the bright colors and her big frog belt...

I love the bright colors and her big frog belt...





The last one, I don’t even have enough words for… did she seriously go into my head, dig around and find an outfit out of the depths of my fashion dreams that I could probably have never put together myself and bring it to life? Yeah, she did. It’s kind of creepy actually, I literally gasped when I saw this. Tell me you couldn’t see me in this exact ensemble…

So now to begin my hunt for a hat and shirt exactly like that, the best news is that I can get that skirt at anthropologie, which is super expesnive of course so I will be trying my luck at the flea market and local thrift stores… you down for some thrifting Nicole? I know you are!

UGH! Why did I wear jeans to work today!!!!!!



1 Response to “My alter ego is super fashionable…”

  1. 1 me
    February 20, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    I wanna bite you, the good kind. You are a weee little woman!

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