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SO I just got these beauties for $10 from GoJane, I’m going to wear them tomorrow…

Brown Snake Heels

Brown Snake Heels


I also got these boots but they are ginormous so I’m exchanging them, but they are out of these “leather” ones so I have to get the suede ones instead(second pic). I know it’s not a huge difference but I really wanted some cheap cute boots that I can wear in the rain and not worry about them getting ruined.

Black "leather" Boots

Black "leather" Boots

Suede Black Boot

Suede Black Boot

I found these ones though and now I don’t know which ones to get…. a little help please. Their only like 3 dollars more than the suede ones… what do you think should I get the suede one’s or these tie on the side “leather” boots(below)?
Lastly I really like these Chunky shoes, I want some Nude/Tan heels and I love these. They remind me of the Marni heels I saw on Childhood Flames. She colored the bottoms with a black sharpie and they turned out amazing. See them HERE.
T-Strap Chunky Heels

T-Strap Chunky Heels

That’s all for my shoe obsession… for now anyway. Don’t forget to tell me which boots you think I should get!

Fashion Inspiration

I saw this picture on Garance Dore. I love, LOVE the hat, and it’s even more amazing paired with her beautiful red hair. The Pink skirt though, UGH sooo pretty. This skirt is now added to my list of “things to find at the flea market” this and fur, faux or real, hats and/or coats.



(How great is that last shot by the way, just had to point that out. AHHH I want my camera fixed!!)

Update for THIS post: I found a very similar skirt to the Anthropologie one I loved. I got it at American Vintage in downtown Huntington Beach. $16 and I think I like it even better than the anthro one cuz it has rad buttons running up the side of the waist and it has pockets, I LOVE pockets on skirts and dresses. Outfit post to come tomorrow…

Peace and Love bloggers


My alter ego is super fashionable…

I love dresses and skirts, but most of my life I have sucked, seriously SUCKED at putting things together. I think I was always afraid of what people would think of what I was wearing, so I was basically a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Except of course on occasion when I would let my true girlie side come out and wear a dress and makeup.

Then came my hippy/bohemian phase… which I still love actually and I look forward to intigrating it into my new found sense of fashion freedom. I think this look suits me quite well actually, I have a very hippyish look, if you will. Here’s a pic of me in my favorite bohemian skirt, it’s floor length and flowy and amazing…

Kind of old and blurry

Kind of old and blurry


Most recently I have gotten lazy more that anything. Back to jeans and tshirts, maybe a dress and tights if the weather permits, mind you I work full time in an office with all men who come to work in shorts and flip flops…

Now my Fashion imagination and curiousity has been running wild!!! WILD I tell you! A quick thank you to Nicole for making me feel like I can do it! I can be fashionable my way! … Anyway, I have been following a lot of fashion blogs and letting  my imagination go crazy. I even bought my first high waisted skirt!!!! It’s beautiful! I will post about it as soon as I wear the outfit this weekend…

I have decided that I will post more about my fashion inspiration and keep all you bloggers out there posted on the new things I try. Keep an eye out, and I want advice and feedback on it all!

 So to start off… here is some of my inspiration, this beautiful girl is 16 I believe and has a beautiful way of putting things together, not to mention what seems like and endless supply of designer shoes and amazing clothes… visit her blog here at Sea of Shoes

I love the bright colors and her big frog belt...

I love the bright colors and her big frog belt...





The last one, I don’t even have enough words for… did she seriously go into my head, dig around and find an outfit out of the depths of my fashion dreams that I could probably have never put together myself and bring it to life? Yeah, she did. It’s kind of creepy actually, I literally gasped when I saw this. Tell me you couldn’t see me in this exact ensemble…

So now to begin my hunt for a hat and shirt exactly like that, the best news is that I can get that skirt at anthropologie, which is super expesnive of course so I will be trying my luck at the flea market and local thrift stores… you down for some thrifting Nicole? I know you are!

UGH! Why did I wear jeans to work today!!!!!!



A long time coming…

I know, I know….. I said I would post more but it seems that I’ve had a bit of  “bloggers block”…

Since I haven’t been cured yet, all I could think of doing is giving a list of the things that are interesting to me recently…. who knows maybe this is the start to some awesome blogs to come…


1. Chloe shoes


2. Cupcakes


3. High waisted skirts


4.$1 make-up (this may lead to my next post, yay)


5. Flea markets


6. Antique make-up cases, powders, perfumes… (this may be a future post if I can pick some up at the next flea market, or find my Great Grandma’s)


7. Old (really old) books, journals, Bibles… (definitely a future post)


9. Partner Yoga, Acro Yoga (Will lead to a post as soon as I get the pictures from V-day, yes my husband and I did a two hour partner yoga class and it was amazing!)


10. This one is more of a goal than an interest, I want to learn to teach a new/different yoga class than the one I currently teach. Sometime within the next two months.


Ok, I think this was a success, I now have at least four solid post ideas and you know a bit more about my life recently. Awesome!

Alright all my blogger buddies I must get back to work!



A little bit of sillyness really….

So as you have probably noticed, I SUCK! haha At least at blogging, I think the break I took for work is at fault. I finally have time to blog again and I feel like I can’t think of anything to post about….  SOOOoooo Nicole posted 25 Random things about herself, I guess this has been going around the net world. So here it is, 25 Random things about Jade(me, haha). I wonder how long this is going to take…. I’ll let you know at the end.


1. I am terrified of bodies of water. Well to be specific, I am terrified of floating in water when I can’t see my feet, at least I think thats the problem. I LOVE water too, the beach, the river, it’s really irritating that this happened. I just noticed it one summer about 5 yrs ago…. Good thing I’m married to a life guard. (I’m working on this and it is getting better)

2. My friend Melanie and I got caught in a riptide when we were like 13. I think this may explain #1 actually, I remember a very large “sea creature” swimming into me while I was under water…. EEeeekkk !!!

3. I love to eat hearts of palm, straight out of the can, and I peel them kind of like string cheese.

4. I find cussing in music to be extremely irritating… with a few exceptions, very very few…

5. I don’ t like watching sports on TV, not even the Super bowl really… I love watching them live though. Except for MMA… I love MMA

6. I think navel rings are WAY overrated, I think a belly is sexier without them. I had mine from 16-21, before I lost interest completely.

7. I feel self concious when I wear make up, not because I think it looks bad but for the exact opposite. I hope that doesn’t sound vain, I have just gotten to a point where I feel beautiful without it, so when I wear it I think I’m overdoing it…

8. I consider myself to be “Hippy-lite”

9. If I had enough, I would wear a dress everyday

10. I’m a gamer at heart, and a Trekky….

11. I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist, I don’t get crazy or anything, but there are only a few people that I can really talk about it with…

12. When I was little I used to think that if I tried hard enough that I would have some “cosmic” connection to animals, I would get real quiet and calm.

13. HA! how did I almost forget this… I was an Artistic Roller Skater (like figureskating but on quads) and I got asked to be on the Jr. Olympic team.

14. I’ve had an infatuation with Brad Pitt since I was 9 years old, Interview with the Vampire and Legends of the Fall are still in my top five favorite movies.

15. I fell in love with Yoga after the first class I took and became a certified instructor about 6 months later.

16. My husband Kenny and I eloped in 2006 and I hope to have a ceremony on our 10th anniversary, maybe our 5th If I can’t be patient.

17. Kenny and I have never been on a trip anywhere, by ourselves. Not even a honeymoon.

18. I plan on taking a trip to Florida when the Harry Potter Theme Park opens next year, with Nicole of course.

19. I secretly dream of knowing the dance routine from the final scene of Dirty Dancing and performing it with Kenny, lift and all. Don’t all girls?

20. I’m really interested in homeopathy and traditional chinese medicine

21. I studied Kunf Fu for a little while and really want to get back into it

22. I believe in the rapture, and I think it is coming very soon.  I want to put a package together for my family and friends for whn it happens, so they understand what it means and what to be prepared for in the 7 years after.

23. I cherish the last memories I have of my Great Grandmother, knowing that she believed and wanted prayer in her final days. She was proud of my husband and I and it means so much.

24. I’m a cryer, I’m in touch with my emotions and I’m a very empathetic person.  

25. I want to be able to speak as many languages as possible, starting with Spanish, Farsi and Mandarin Chinese… so far I can speak one and not very well I might add…lol 


Well that’s me, and with a few breaks this ended up taking me 2 hours… haha I hope you have liked learning a bit about me.

Later Bloggers…

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