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Red Hair….

I have a thing for red hair right now, but a specific color of red.

A few years back I had bleach blonde hair, that I straightened everyday. Eventually I got to a point where I was tired of having super damaged hair, bleached blonde and straight like every other girl in OC. I wanted to make a change, to be comfortable in my own skin, so I started growing my hair out, stopped straightening and waited… when it was finally long enough to cut off the blonde but still have long hair(like a year) I chopped all the bleached part off. I loved it! Who knew I had light brown curly hair…lol (this pic was taken about 1 yr after I cut off the blonde)



Well now I have a thing for this red color that I originally saw in “Perfume” (super odd movie). Maybe I’m just bored with my hair, I literally don’t know how to do anything with it…. but I beginning to toy with the idea of going red…


This color is like a dream to me…. I LOVE it… (first two pics are from ‘Perfume’)








P.S. I love “Hardtail Forever” (last pic)


I’m Baaaack…

Haha, wow it’s been a while. Year end has been crazy at work. I finally finished, for the most part. I’m just waiting for our accountant in New Jersey to overlook everything and tell me if I need to correct any issues.

I have really missed blogging, it was pretty hard to stay away, but for the sake of my job and sanity I had to get everything done. I have, of course, still been checking Nicole’sblog everyday. She help to keep me from going crazy. 

I just got back from snowboarding in Big Bear with about 20 high school kids. It was so much fun! Pictures to come soon, the view from our bedroom was unbelievable…

The weekend before last I went to the beach with Leahand the boys. Abel had a blast and Kendal was good as long as he didn’t have to touch the sand or the water…lol Then we joined our friends at the softball field by our house to watch Kenny and the best friends play their qualifying game. After that we all met up at our house for a couple games of Settlers and some Kung Fu Panda action.

I have been so busy lately and it seems that it is to hard for me to say “no” to some people. I feel like I am going to stretch myself too thin, I could feel myself breaking down a little bit last night. I need to really think about what I am willing to give up. It is so hard though, because everything I’m doing are things that I LOVE, Bible studies, Teaching Yoga, being a leader to my Sr. girls in YoungLife. What do I let go of? It really makes me sad. I need to spend some time with God and really listen for what it is he wants me to be doing.

Kendal me and Abel at the beach

Kendal me and Abel at the beach


Year End is killing my blog…

Year end at the office is a crazy time for me. I have had to concentrate solely on work, not even a normal lunch break! Anyway, my blogging life will be back to normal very soon, I hope. Until then here is a little update…


*Xmas was awesome, I got to spend some great quality time with most of my family.  Kenny and I got Manduka yoga mats, which are like the Mazerati of yoga mats. Super exciting!  We got a lot of things we needed and a few added suprises like a salt rock air purifier from Nicole and Peter and gift cards for 1 hour of foot reflexology… Good times!


*New Years was alot of fun, even though our plans ended up falling through. We started the night with a few friends playing a game of Settlers of Catan, yeah…. for 6 hours! We ended up missing our friends block party because we were so in to the game. We bought it the other day and have been playing it so much that for a couple of nights I was dreaming about different stratagies… Bad I know.


*Reading – I have been reading a lot lately, this is great because it’s my favorite thing to do. I just finished the first two of the Left Behind series which I LOVED. Now I’ve moved on to the Twilight series, I like it a lot and I love Edward. The only thing that I find a bit irritating is that in certain situations the writer seems to overdo it a bit, it ends up being hard to picture the event. Other than that, it’s great!


*Uganda- On Christmas day there was rebel attack in Northern Uganda, not far from where I was in September. 400 villagers were killed and some children were ubducted, it’s painful to think about. It’s not a war, it’s literally men with guns and machetes coming into a village of farmers and… I don’t even know.  I can only pray for those killed, hurt, ubducted and those who were left with no one to care for them. (if you want to do some research Google the “LRA” or “Lord’s Resistance Army” or “Joseph Kony”)

That’s it for now, I’ll post as soon as I can finish my Year End stuff. Later!

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