Wish list…kinda.

My 24th birthday is on the 10th and I can’t wait to get friends together again and have a grand ol’ time. I’m going to bake another cake and I call it the “Inside Out Ding Dong Cake”, for the most obvious reason. It’s basically an inside out Hostess Ding Dong. I’m gonna decorate it all cute too. Which got me thinking about some great xmas present ideas since my family has been asking me what I want. Here are some things I would love since I’ll be baking a lot more and friends have already been asking that I make them cakes as well.

A piping set, bags and piping tips:  a good set of tips starts at around 26 pieces and couplers (the plastic things that keep the tips in the bags) and about five bags, reusable.  (*UPDATE: Found a 26 piece set of tips at WalMart)

A spinning cake stand like the one below: (*UPDATE: I found at WalMart for like $18)


And a cake carrier about 10″ tall, like this:

Cake Carrier

Cake Carrier

This has gotten me thinking about other things I need, like a good blow dryer but only one that has a difuser attachment. 
A purse, one that is big enough to hold a book or two and all the little things a girl needs to have on hand, something with a center divider and lots of pockets on the inside walls. (* UPDATE:  Like this cute one I found at target online $18, I couldn’t get the pic to save so go to Target.com third row down “Merona Purple Tote”)
OOOhhh I just had such a cute idea, Nicole this is for you…. not for you to make for me necessarily, but just an idea in general :). What if you made a scarf that had a cute little pocket or two near one end that had a little folding bit over it with a button to close it, like the purse you made me. That way a girl could ditch the purse and carry her phone and money or lipgloss or whatever in her scarf…. what do you think? (did you notice that I figured out the link thing too? Finally!)

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