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Post from my iPhone

kenny and I are on our way to Six Flags with my sisters and friend Devyn. Thought I’d give posting from my iPhone a try, so far so good. I’m gonna see if I can load a picture too… I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
(Update) so far I can’t add a pic, I’ll do a little research.


One more…

*Have I mentioned that when it comes to shopping for myself I can only do dresses? Yeah I don’t have        
any idea how to put outfits together… Maybe I’m just a dress kind of girl and should embrace it whole heartedly but there is just something about a well put together outfit… anyway here is another dress from Modcloth that I love… 



This dress is amazing, I mean AMAZING! It is so feminine and classy, yet totally sexy at the same time… but guess what! Sold out!!!! AH!


This dress….

I like Modcloth more and more each time I go to the site. I am in LOVE with this dress! Really! Too bad they’re out of stock. I’ll be checking back though, you can count on it….


Happy Monday!

I’m feeling a little crappy today I lost my voice Friday night, and now I have a cough, I hope I wont be sick for Xmas.


I have a bit of last minute shopping to do, as usual. Next year I’ve decided to by things throughout the year, I’ll try to update each time.


Nicole bought my Xmas present while out “thrifting” which I love for two reasons.. 1) It shows that she knows me and is a super thoughtful person. 2) I feel good knowing that my friends know they don’t have to spend a ton of money on me. I can’t wait to see what she found…


I’m a little late posting a pic of my birthday cake, but here it is. It’s an “inside out Ding Dong” cake. SUPER good. This is my favorite recipe as far as the choc cake part. The frosting was pretty good, marshmallow cream, but I’m still looking for my favorite frosting recipe..



I wanted it to look girly and cute, I think I accomplished that. Thank you to my family for getting me all my decorating and baking tools for my B-day! Oh it was my friend Diana’s bday too, in case you didn’t figure that out by reading the cake, haha….

Me and Diana having a bit of fun…

Singing to each other

Singing to each other



Till next time!


You’re outta here!


Background:  My Hubby and I have a roommate, or had, named Will but about a month ago we gave him 2 months notice, so he could have ample time to look for a new place. He was a very close friend of ours, and very young. Anyway, for the last 4 months or so he has been increasingly rude to Kenny, sometimes just plain ignoring him. He became very manipulative whenever you tried to talk to him, even about normal stuff. It was really weird. We think he is trying to sever the friendships with the people that knew him before he “came out”. Kenny was the first person he came out to, that’s how close they were.  So, anyway, we decided it just wasn’t fun anymore, we couldn’t even talk to him and he always had a bad attitude.

A week or two ago Kenny bought a couple of beanies and shirts for his Bro for Xmas, one of the beanies went “missing”. Kenny brought up to me that he saw Will in the same beanie but doesn’t want to overreact, maybe it’s a coincidence….

Last night we were up watching a movie(Interview with the Vampire, my favorite) and Will comes in with the Beanie on so Kenny just asks,

K  – “hey is that a Hurley Beanie?”

W – “No it’s Volcom” and rushes into his room.

Later, Kenny can’t take it and knocks on his door… (mind you at this point, Will’s body language gave him away)

K – “Will I’m missing my beanie exactly like the one you were wearing, could it be mine?”

W – “I didn’t take your Beanie”

K – “Well you said yours was Volcom, can I see it?”

W – “I don’t know where it is.”

K – “Well you were just wearing it, can I just see it?”

W – “No, I don’t know where it is! I’m packing and I don’t know where I put it.”   BLAH BLAH BLAH Got no where… Later, right before bed, Kenny can’t take it, he wanted to give him one more chance to come clean.

Will is the type that if we had been wrong he would have shoved it in our faces that it was Volcom and not Hurley, not to mention that Kenny and I are the type that if we are not SURE, we would never accuse someone of stealing.

W – “Do you want me to call my mom right now and have her tell you she got it for me for Xmas?”

J(me) – “Yes, I do, or you can find it in your 10×10 foot bedroom”

W – “No, I’m mad now I’m not going to find it for you, cuz you are accusing me of being a thief!”

J – “Ok  then call your Mom.”

W – “No, now I’m not going to do that either, cuz that’s what YOU want me to do!”

J – “Stop acting like a child, how can you stand there and lie to us? You really don’t understand why we can’t live with you anymore?”

This is where he goes on to say that Kenny is a homophobe because he doesn’t know anything about homosexuality, so I told him that he obviously doesn’t even know what that word means and he shouldn’t go throwing it around.

J – “I would like for you to leave now. We can’t trust you and you are being dishonest and manipulitive. I’m really sad to see the person you are allowing yourself to become. I know that right under the surface you know what you’ve done, and it sucks that you would treat us this way.”

Yada Yada Yada and he was out, his step mom picked him up, with all his stuff.

SOOOOO…. almost done I promise….

Today Kenny is in Will’s old room and finds *GASP* a Hurley tag with the serial number that when typed in online pulls up a picture of “the beanie in question”. It was on the shelf in his closet.

Why? WHY do we have such luck with roomates? Anyone?

Ah… I needed to vent…


Rainy Day Tuesday

(NOTE: HaHa I was so screwed up by the rain I thought it was Tuesday, it was Wednesday… wow)

With “Year End” right around the corner, work has been super busy for me. But I thought a little update would be good.


*I wore the short dress to the Company Christmas party, but by the end of it I kind of wished I wore the longer one. Oh well. Pics to come soon, my shoes were rad! Thanks to everyone that voted for the dresses (it seems all my guy friends voted for the long one, weird)If you don’t know what I’m talking about go to this POST


*I got my iPhone, and it’s more awesome than I could have imagined… lol I’m a little obsessive but I’m sure I’ll calm down with time, I’ll post soon about all the amazing Aps that I love.


*I had my birthday party on Saturday the 13th and it was pretty fun, it didn’t really feel like my birthday party though, it was odd. Post to come on the Beautiful cake I made, with pictures of course, you can see some pics of the weekend at NICOLE‘s blog.


* One of my Yoga Students, Lori, made me a hat for Christmas and brought it to the studio last night before I taught class….. Awesome! Look how cute it is! Perfect day for it too, I’m cold. brrr Oh and the scarf was a gift from our Younglife area leader


*Random, my eyes are almost brown today, they’re normally greenish. It’s the rain I think…


my pretty little hat

my pretty little hat

Till next time!

Which dress?

The company Christmas party is tonight! Eek! I don’t know which dress to wear. What do you think? (please don’t mind the messy room, haha)

Please leave a comment too, if you have anything to say about why you picked the dress you picked! Thank you!

Dress #1

Dress #1


Dress #2
Dress #2

P.S. The thumbs up does not mean I like that dress better, haha


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