Kenny’s b-day party

Kenny’s party was a great success. We had 12 of our really close friends together and had a great time. The cake turned out awesome! Even better than I had hoped and it looked great too! We had wine, hookah, flip cup tourneys and the boys even played some beer pong. We are not big partiers, but it sure was fun to host people again and have some good laughs. The girls made a wine run and ended up on the little mechanical horse outside of Stater Bro’s, taking pictures of course…haha good times. We ended the party with a round of Scene It (my favorite game). Kenny got a head light, which he has wanted for a while, a couple cigars, a bottle of Cavasia(is that spelled right?), and a gift card to REI. He was so excited to have his friends together and the presents helped a bit too. haha. Even our neighbor Mo came up to share a beer with him. The party ended with Kenny and I, and Nicole and Peter heading to Norm’s for a late night snack at like 1:35. At 1:40 Nicole gets a frantic call from our friend Patty, Peter’s sister, who was also at the party with her boyfriend Brandon and friend Cody. They had witnessed a horrible car accident on Edinger and Goldenwest. Here is the link for the news article (http://www.ocregister.com/articles/police-old-collision-2229882-driver-beach) I’ll let you read that for the details since I’m posting at work. Basically we arrived before the firetrucks did and the car was competely engulfed. Brandon and Cody tried to run over to help the man trapped inside but couldn’t even get within 20 feet of the car. Patty was very upset and all we could do was watch. There wasn’t even any attempt made to get him out of the car because of the flames. All I can say was it was like a scene from a movie, you never think you’ll see anything like it in your life, and I hope if nothing else it will keep people from driving drunk. Of course now Kenny wants to be a fireman even more than he did before. 

Thanks for reading! I’ll have party pics uploaded as soon as I get them from Patty and Nicole.


2 Responses to “Kenny’s b-day party”

  1. November 18, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    DOOOD! Great party. And yes, I am planning to upload the pics soon – if not today, then def tomorrow.

  2. November 21, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Okay! I uploaded the pics until myspace! Woot! There are so many good ones. Blog post is coming shortly.

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