My weekend…

Friday night after relaxing for, oh about 10 minutes. Kenny and I were off to our Younglife (a kind of high school youth group we are involved in) leader meeting. Which was pretty cool actually we had pizza and ice cream and I found out that two of our leaders, Brett and Noel, are engaged! SUPER cute couple. Congrats guys! We can’t wait for the wedding.

Then off to a Karaoke bar with my best friend Nicole and a bunch of people including her boyfriend Peter and her mom. Super fun night, I did not sing, however, but the boys sure did… Next time maybe. (Nicole why did we fail to take pictures of ourselves, again? We looked so cute!) Oh then our friend (more like a sister really) met us there! YAY Mel! Then off to bed…

Saturday, I started off the day with an awesome call from my mom, we’re working on talking more. Kenny got the chance to go Sailboat racing with a friend of ours, of course I told him to go for it! And they won by the way! Woot! While he was off scouring the Pacific Ocean, I taught my noon Yoga Class. Only one woman showed up (pretty much hit or miss on saturdays), but it was awesome I just did the whole class with her, we worked up a sweat and talked for like ten minutes afterward. That’s what it’s all about. Then Denni and I had a little lunch picnic together at the retail desk, I beleive new tradition was born. Then off to The Block of Orange to do a little bargain shopping with my mom(Kristy) and step dad (Darren). Sarah Jessica Parker started a line of clothes that are super cute http://www.bittensjp.com/index.php and super cheap. I got 3 really flirty, flanel t-shirt bras for like 10 and two matching tank tops for like $8. Rad and I wear the bras every day now. Nicole, you would love them. Then Kenny met us for an early dinner at market broiler, not a huge fan.

We rented the movie Leatherheads, and bought toaster struedel. I couldn’t resist. Yummy, wine and struedel. I fell asleep during the movie (that’s saying something). 

Sunday morning, we were late for church, as usual. I can’t stand being late for stuff. It’s like my biggest pet peeve, we’re working on it. In ‘n Out for lunch, wow I don’t eat very well for a yogi, then into the office for a bit of catch-up. Kenny was so great, he did a bunch of filing while I was organizing some piles that had been building up. Then we went to tapioca express and played hand and foot(card game), while enjoying our favorite drinks.

Last but not least we started putting together our costumes for halloween. I am SO excited about halloween this year. Even though I don’t know exactly what we are going to be doing. Kenny and I are making our costumes from a bunch of stuff we found at good will + spray paint+ a knife to cut stuff up= Swamp King & Swamp Queen. Oh don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures.

Till next post… ciao!


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