Work sucks…

So, my weekend started Friday night with a call from my boss saying that a screwed up shipping on one of the sales guys’ order. GREAT! Now I get to stress about that all weekend, which I did by the way. There are six people in my office, 4 sales guys me and the owner. I’m supposed to be the Office manager, well why doesn’t he let me manage anything. If I shipped something “2day” instead of ground, then emailed the customer and the sales guy “DHL would not allow me to select ground, so I selected the next slowest route, 2day. I appologize for any inconvenience.” Then why the heck am I getting a call Friday night from my boss that the sales guy is pissed because HE SAYS it would allow to ship ground! Why can’t my boss just say “I’m sure there was a reason, if your customer is upset we will cover the shipping. Have a good weekend and I’ll figure it out with Jade on Monday.” PERIOD, DONE! No, he calls me, asks what happened, I tell him. He calls the sales guy, the sales guy says “well I just pulled it up and it’s letting me select ground.” My boss calls me back and basically tells me he believes the sales guy over me and that they are keeping track of all the mistakes I make and “building a case against me” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

SO, to skip over to this morning(I’ll get back to the rest of my eventful weekend in the next post). I come into work, the first thing I do is pull up DHL and repeat the shipment, guess what! NO GROUND!! HA! So now I’m just waiting for my boss to come in so I can show him.

*note- I have not felt secure in this position since I got the job almost 4 months ago. Everyone is super nice but none of the sales guys tell me if there is a problem, they go straight to my boss who ALWAYS exaggerates the situation. So I basically have a bunch of sales guys who totally like me and tell me I’m doing a good job, and a boss who is constantly telling me that they’re keeping track of all the little mistakes I make. Meanwhile my husband and I need a new car, but I’m terrified of buying one because if I loose this job we’re screwed.  I need to breath, I’ll post again in a few about the rest of my weekend… I’ll leave you with a pic of the car we want, ’06 Toyota MatrixThe car we hope to get.

***UPDATE I told my boss and the salesguy, everythings good. I’m still annoyed at how it was handled, will be talking to my boss about this.


1 Response to “Work sucks…”

  1. October 27, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Dude. I can’t believe them.

    If you and Kenny are going to do the survery thing… use my referral code when you sign up!

    Let me know and I will send it to you.

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