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The name of the game is “I WIN”

Yesterday my boss told us he would give $100 for the best costume… I won! Woop, of course no one else dressed up. Why? I dunno… one hundred dollars people!!! Anyway I am very excited as I am trying to acquire some clothes that I will actually enjoy wearing instead of a bunch of crap I only use to keep my closet from looking empty. So anyway… here is a pic of my “Swamp Queen” costume( I am green even though the picture doesn’t show it really, and I will be adding a bunch of stuff to it for tonight)


*update on Hardtail modeling post…

Looks like it was a scam. Some guy just trying to get pics of girls or something. Creepy, why are there SO MANY stupid people in the world?!?! So after talking to the guy via email and sending him a pretty basic yoga wear/pose picture, I decided to investigate a bit before getting in too deep. I figured if he was the real thing he wouldn’t mind me looking out for myself. So I got in touch with someone from Hardtail, and there is a photo shoot going on during the dates the guy gave me, but they didn’t know anyone by his name. They said they’d look into it and call me back. I never heard anything and never heard anything back from “creepo” either. Oh well. No free yogi clothes for Jadey. lol

Have a great night!


My weekend…

Friday night after relaxing for, oh about 10 minutes. Kenny and I were off to our Younglife (a kind of high school youth group we are involved in) leader meeting. Which was pretty cool actually we had pizza and ice cream and I found out that two of our leaders, Brett and Noel, are engaged! SUPER cute couple. Congrats guys! We can’t wait for the wedding.

Then off to a Karaoke bar with my best friend Nicole and a bunch of people including her boyfriend Peter and her mom. Super fun night, I did not sing, however, but the boys sure did… Next time maybe. (Nicole why did we fail to take pictures of ourselves, again? We looked so cute!) Oh then our friend (more like a sister really) met us there! YAY Mel! Then off to bed…

Saturday, I started off the day with an awesome call from my mom, we’re working on talking more. Kenny got the chance to go Sailboat racing with a friend of ours, of course I told him to go for it! And they won by the way! Woot! While he was off scouring the Pacific Ocean, I taught my noon Yoga Class. Only one woman showed up (pretty much hit or miss on saturdays), but it was awesome I just did the whole class with her, we worked up a sweat and talked for like ten minutes afterward. That’s what it’s all about. Then Denni and I had a little lunch picnic together at the retail desk, I beleive new tradition was born. Then off to The Block of Orange to do a little bargain shopping with my mom(Kristy) and step dad (Darren). Sarah Jessica Parker started a line of clothes that are super cute and super cheap. I got 3 really flirty, flanel t-shirt bras for like 10 and two matching tank tops for like $8. Rad and I wear the bras every day now. Nicole, you would love them. Then Kenny met us for an early dinner at market broiler, not a huge fan.

We rented the movie Leatherheads, and bought toaster struedel. I couldn’t resist. Yummy, wine and struedel. I fell asleep during the movie (that’s saying something). 

Sunday morning, we were late for church, as usual. I can’t stand being late for stuff. It’s like my biggest pet peeve, we’re working on it. In ‘n Out for lunch, wow I don’t eat very well for a yogi, then into the office for a bit of catch-up. Kenny was so great, he did a bunch of filing while I was organizing some piles that had been building up. Then we went to tapioca express and played hand and foot(card game), while enjoying our favorite drinks.

Last but not least we started putting together our costumes for halloween. I am SO excited about halloween this year. Even though I don’t know exactly what we are going to be doing. Kenny and I are making our costumes from a bunch of stuff we found at good will + spray paint+ a knife to cut stuff up= Swamp King & Swamp Queen. Oh don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures.

Till next post… ciao!


Work sucks…

So, my weekend started Friday night with a call from my boss saying that a screwed up shipping on one of the sales guys’ order. GREAT! Now I get to stress about that all weekend, which I did by the way. There are six people in my office, 4 sales guys me and the owner. I’m supposed to be the Office manager, well why doesn’t he let me manage anything. If I shipped something “2day” instead of ground, then emailed the customer and the sales guy “DHL would not allow me to select ground, so I selected the next slowest route, 2day. I appologize for any inconvenience.” Then why the heck am I getting a call Friday night from my boss that the sales guy is pissed because HE SAYS it would allow to ship ground! Why can’t my boss just say “I’m sure there was a reason, if your customer is upset we will cover the shipping. Have a good weekend and I’ll figure it out with Jade on Monday.” PERIOD, DONE! No, he calls me, asks what happened, I tell him. He calls the sales guy, the sales guy says “well I just pulled it up and it’s letting me select ground.” My boss calls me back and basically tells me he believes the sales guy over me and that they are keeping track of all the mistakes I make and “building a case against me” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

SO, to skip over to this morning(I’ll get back to the rest of my eventful weekend in the next post). I come into work, the first thing I do is pull up DHL and repeat the shipment, guess what! NO GROUND!! HA! So now I’m just waiting for my boss to come in so I can show him.

*note- I have not felt secure in this position since I got the job almost 4 months ago. Everyone is super nice but none of the sales guys tell me if there is a problem, they go straight to my boss who ALWAYS exaggerates the situation. So I basically have a bunch of sales guys who totally like me and tell me I’m doing a good job, and a boss who is constantly telling me that they’re keeping track of all the little mistakes I make. Meanwhile my husband and I need a new car, but I’m terrified of buying one because if I loose this job we’re screwed.  I need to breath, I’ll post again in a few about the rest of my weekend… I’ll leave you with a pic of the car we want, ’06 Toyota MatrixThe car we hope to get.

***UPDATE I told my boss and the salesguy, everythings good. I’m still annoyed at how it was handled, will be talking to my boss about this.


7 years ago today….

I asked my now husband Kenny if he would be my boyfriend. It was Junior year in the history hall, standing outside of Mr. Strachan’s class. The story or novel, whichever you prefer…

I was new to the school and only knew one person, Melanie. She was very excited that I was transfering since we hadn’t gone to school together since the 5th grade, so she was talking about me to her friends. Kenny was one of these friends. When she told him that her best friend Jade was moving into town he was VERY intrigued (backround: when he was younger he wanted to marry a girl named Jade because of mortal Kombat, but with long blonde hair and some other “certain features” ;-)) So she showed him a picture and he was “hooked”. Of course on my first day I already knew all about this guy Kenny, who had all but claimed me for his own. He was so sweet, braces and all, except he had the most gorgeous body, pretty much the buffest guy at the school. He carried my books, hung out with me everyday at lunch because Melanie left when lunch started. But I wasn’t having it, sure I liked him but I was new I didn’t know anyone yet and didn’t want to date someone I didn’t know anything about. So the homecoming dance came around, and he was my date. He basically confesses his love and I SHOT HIM DOWN! I still feel bad about that actually, what was I thinking. He was SO bummed, who can blame him. Well he told me that he would wait for me to be ready, as long as it took. So one day it hit me, what in the world was I waiting for? So I stopped him on the way into our history class and asked him if his offer still stood. It did and that was the start of a beautiful thing. Well almost, let’s face it we were sixteen years old. Of course at sixteen we thought we knew everything and everyone thinks they’re high school sweetheart will marry them and live happily ever after. We broke up three weeks later, on his birthday actually. Haha This was basically our relationship for 3 years or so; three months on two months off, 4 months on, 5 months off….. Of course “off” meant still seeing each other or talking almost everyday. The longest we were “apart” was 8 months, actually that was probably the scariest time for us, we were partying a lot and messing around with people, for a little while there I thought that was the end of it.

Little by little our lives began to fall apart, but we were so absorbed in our destructive lifestyle and had too much pride to admit we weren’t doing things right. Eventually we ended up with nothing but a few clothes, some furniture in storage and a car that was being hunted by the repo truck. We slept on his mom’s couch in her one bedroom apartment, when we could. We literally had nothing. No money, nothing to do, nothing to look forward to, just each other. We were a mess, we had no trust or respect for each other, we had put each other through such painful times and neither one of us would let the other live it down. I wanted to believe that we could work things out, that we could fix everything, we just couldn’t seem to do it ourselves.

One day, Kenny’s brother told us to come check out this bible study he went too. We had done the youthgroup thing in high school and knew about God. We “believed” in God but did we really believe in him? Or were we just claiming to, almost out of fear of saying we didn’t, or thinking “well we don’t NOT believe in him.” I for one thought that if God did exist that he would be powerful, miraculous, and that I would be able to feel him, really feel him. Churches, a lot of the time, fail to portray the true power that God has. I guess you could say I was waiting, for something powerful, spiritual and REAL…

So Kenny decided to go check out this bible study and he came home with this amazing glow about him, smiling and uplifted. He started to tell me about the experience and told me that he wanted to change everything in his life and follow God. Mind you Kenny was a SUPER popular guy, was the life of the party, threw most of the parties, super handsome, pretty much every girl he met wanted to date him. He had quite a bit going for him as far as O.C. standards go. I knew that whatever he experienced must be big. He told me that he asked for advice about our relationship. Told them he didn’t know what to do about the girlfriend he had off and on for 4 years, that our relationship was a mess. They told him that he should bring me the next week. So I went, and it was everything I had needed. It literally changed my life forever. It wasn’t at a church. It was at an office of one of the guys in the group. It was just a bunch of people who wanted to know God for real. I ended sharing my whole story(which is not short) and crying with someone I had never even met. We prayed together and it was amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever fully be able to explain what I experienced in that room that night, but I know that it was real, and powerful, and spiritual. And that God had been preparing us, our whole lives for that one moment. 

Everything I knew about life had just changed. By the end of the night, Kenny looked over at me and asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course. You might be thinking, as most people did at the time. How can you just marry him after everything you put each other through? How can you trust him again? All we knew was that we had been living wrong our whole lives and now that God was back in our lives, we never wanted to wrong him again. I knew that Kenny felt the same way, that he looked at me as a gift that he wanted to treasure for his whole life. We never looked back from that point on, we stopped drinking, smoking, partying, Kenny even slept on the floor till the big day. We knew what we had to do and it was all layed out before us. Within a year we had an apartment, great jobs and almost no debt.

So here we are seven years to the day that this whole ride started. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love you Kenny, my amazing husband, and my precious gift.



Off the richter scale…

So apart from teaching yoga part time, I work full time as an office manager for a computer hardware broker. This is what’s up…

Yesterday we had a company we regularly buy from hold two orders because we were over our limit(not past due), we had never been told we had a limit. Do you think they told us when we ordered? NO! They told us when we asked for tracking numbers because they were being sent straight from them to our customers. So not only did we have to cancel those orders and find someone else to buy them from, our customers are now upset that they aren’t going to receive their product when it was promised.

This morning we have had two of our vendors cancel our orders because they “misread” what we were requesting and were going to send the wrong thing. Seriously!?  One vendor emails me and tells me that his warehouse did not send our order to our customer. It was supposed to be sent “priority overnight” to receive today, did that happen? NO! This is why…”Our truck did not come in until 5:00 last night. My warehouse failed to notify the reps that our orders would not ship”

Now we’ve got a guy who sent us a part that was DOA (dead on arrival) we sent it back, he knew we were going to. But he won’t refund us and actually accused us of sabotaging the part to get our money back. Are you freaking kidding me!

So that’s my day so far… *whew


Full Pigeon

Yesterday I had a workshop at the yoga studio I teach at and learned my new favorite posture. I loved half pigeon so of course I would LOVE full pigeon. Here you go. P.S. I can only do this on my right side so far. 

Me in "Full Pigeon"

Me in full pigeon at mi casa

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